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n.名词pron.代词adj.形容词adv.副词v.动词vi.不vt. 及物动词



1.able unable ability n. disable vt.使残废disabled adj.残废的

2.about be about to do sth.即将做......

3.above---below over---under

4.accept ~ A as B 把A当作B接受/接纳cf. receive

5.accident accidental adj.偶然的;偶发的by ~/chance偶然地

6.ache n./ vi. toothache backache headache

7.across---through across the world=all over the world

8.act v./n. action n. active adj. actively adv. activity n.活动

act as...扮演;充当be active in...=take an active part in...积极参加act...out表演出

9.actual adj. actually adv.事实上

10.add v. addition n. additional adj.附加的;额外的

add to sth.增强add A to B把A加到B上去add...up把......加起来

add up to sth.合计为;意思是in addition=what’s more=besides而且

11.admire vt. admiration n. admirer n. ~ sb. for sth因......钦佩某人in admiration钦佩地

12.admit vt.承认;录取admission n. admitted admitting

admit doing sth. be admitted into a college被......录取

13.advance v. advanced adj.先进的;高级的in ~ = ahead of time提前

14.advice u.n. advise vt. give sb. advice on sth. advise sb. to do sth./ advise doing sth.

cf. advise与persuade

15.affair n.事物family/foreign/love ~s

16.afford vt. can ~ (to do) sth.

17.afraid adj. I’m ~ so/not.恐怕是这样/不是这样。

18.Africa n. African n./adj. Asia---Asian America---American Europe---European

Australia---Australian Austria---Austrian奥地利人(的)Canada---Canadian

19.again ~ and ~=over and over=time and again反复地once ~=once more=~又一次

20.three years ago (一般过去时)three years before(过去完成时)

21.agree vt. agreement n.协议agreeable adj.可爱的

~ to sth.同意某事~ on sth(经讨论)达成共识~ with sb.同意某人

come to/arrive at/reach an agreement达成协议

22.agriculture n. agricultural adj. industry---industrial

23.aim n./v. ~ at...瞄准;意思是

24.alive adj.(表语形容词) eat sth ~ bury sb. ~ catch sb. ~

Cf. living活着的live现场直播的lively活泼的

25.air n. in the ~在空中on the ~在播出by ~乘飞机

26.allow vt. allowance n.补助金;补贴

~ sb. to do sth. ~ doing sth. ~ for...考虑到;酌量Smoking is not ~ed here.

27.almost adv.几乎(可接否定词) nearly adv.(不接否定词)I have seen almost no such book before.

28.alone adj./adv.独自的;单独的lonely adj.寂寞的;孤独的

29.along adv./ prep. all ~=all the time一直

30.although conj.虽然;尽管though conj. 虽然;尽管though adv.尽管如此(句末)

31.anger n. angry adj. hunger n. hungry adj.

32.announce vt. announcement n. make an announcement

33.another pron. one after ~= one by one another three chairs= three more/ other chairs

34.always adv. for ~/ good/ ever永远He is ~ talking in class.(反感) He is ~ asking clever questions.(赞扬)

35.answer n./v. the ~ to the question in ~ to响应;回答

~ the door/phone/letter ~ for=be responsible for为......负责

36.anxious adj.急切的;焦虑的anxiety n.

be ~ to do sth.迫切要去做...... be ~ about..=worry about/ be worried about...担心

He is too ~ to leave the lonely island.(too...to与anxious连用不表示否定)

37.any常用在否定句、疑问句、条件句中Come to me if you have any question.

no=not any全否He has no brothers.= He has not any brothers.

38.apologize/apologise v.道歉apology n.

~ to sb. for doing sth.=make an apology to sb. for doing sth.因某事向某人道歉

39.argue v.辩论;说服argument n. ~ with sb. about sth. cf. debate quarrel

40.arm n. arms n.武器;怀抱take sb. by the ~拉住某人的胳膊~ in ~

carry sth in one’s ~s抱着...... ~s sale军火销售be armed to the teeth武装到牙齿

41.army n.军队;群an ~ of ants一大群蚂蚁

42.arrive vi.到达arrival n. ~ at a conclusion得出结论~ at an agreement达成协议~at/ in sp.

cf. reach vt. come vi.

43.art n. artist n. artistic adj.艺术的artificial adj.人工的;人造的fine ~s美术

44.article n.文章;件an ~ of clothing/ furniture

45.as prep.作为work ~... serve ~... act ~... be famous ~... use A ~ B

accept/regard/ treat/consider/ think of/ look at/take A ~ B把A当作B

~ it is事实上mistake A ~ B误以为A是B

as conj.按照;像Dance ~ I showed you.

as conj.随着;一边......一边As time goes by, he has come to love Ningbo as his second hometown.

He usually does his homework ~ he listens to music.

as conj.虽然;尽管(倒装语序)Clever ~ you are, you have to work harder to fulfill your dream.

Fast ~ you run, you can’t catch me up.=Run ~ you may, you can’t catch me up.

=Fast runner ~ you are, you can’t catch me up.

as conj.像一样He is ~ busy ~ a bee. He did the job ~ well ~ Bob did.

Fan Wei is ~ funny an actor ~ Zhao Benshan. Peter is not ~/ so tall as Bill.

as conj.由于As you go to the bookshop, please get me a Harry Porter VI.

as pron.(引导定语从句) I will buy such a pen ~ you are using. I study in the same school ~


Here is so big a stone as no one can lift. cf. Here is so big a stone that no one can lift it.

46.ashamed adj.羞愧的be ~ of...对感到羞愧

47.ask v. ~ sb. for sth.向某人要...... ~ A after B向A问候B ~ for trouble自寻烦恼

~ sb. to do sth. ~ to do sth. ~ to be done ~ about...询问;打听

48.asleep adj. fall ~ =go to sleep入睡(动作)be ~= sleep睡着(状态)be fast ~睡得香甜

49.assist vt.帮助assistance n. assistant n.助手an assistant professor副教授

50.attack v./n. be under ~遭到攻击an air ~空袭

51.attempt n./v.努力;尝试~ to do sth.= make an ~ to do sth. in an ~ to do sth.努力/尝试去做......

52.attend v.出席;照顾attendant n.服务员~ to sb./ sth. 照料;从事;处理

53.attention n. attentive adj.注意力集中的pay ~ to sth.注意...... draw sb’s ~ (to sth.)吸引某人的注意力(到......)

54.attract vt.吸引attractive adj.有吸引力的;迷人的attraction n.吸引(人的人或物)

be attractive to sb.吸引某人be attracted to sth. 被......吸引

55.average n./adj.平均(的) on (the) ~ 平均(来说)above/below the ~ 在一般平均以上/下

56.awake adj.醒着的v.醒来(awoke/awoke; awaked/awaked)


1.bad adj. (worse/worst) from ~ to worse每况愈下go ~ 变质Not ~.还好

2.badly adv. be ~ ill得了need sth. ~ 急需be ~ off生活较差

3.baggage u.n.行李(=luggage)

4.balloon n.气球

5.bargain v. 讨价还价n. 讨价还价;便宜货 a real ~便宜货

6.base n. 基地;基础vt.以......为基础~ A on B A以B为基础/依据be ~d on以......为基础

7.bath n.洗浴bathe v. be bathed in the sunshine沐浴在阳光之中

8.bear vt.忍受;承受(bore/born-borne) He can’t ~ being looked down upon.

He was born in Shanghai. They have borne three children.

9.beat v.打;击败(beat/beaten)

10.beauty n. beautiful adj. beautifully adv. beautify vt.美化

11.become/became/become link.v.系动词

12.because of=on account of=owing to prep. 由于She cried because of what I had said about her work.

13.bed n. go to ~ (college/church/court/hospital)(零冠词)强调动作

be in ~ (college/church/court/hospital) 强调状态make the ~

14.beg v.乞讨;哀求begging begged beggar n.乞丐~ sb. for sth. go ~ging去乞讨

15.begin/began/begun v. beginning beginner初学者Well begun, half done.良好的开端成功的一半。

to ~ with首先=first of all in the beginning at the beginning of

16.believe vt. belief n.信仰;信念

17.bend/bent/bent v. 弄弯~ over sth. 伏在......上面be bent over......一心想/做

18.besides prep./adv. 除了(以外)B~ English, we study five other subjects.

I don’t like football; ~, the weather is too hot.(=what’s more; in addition )

19.best do/try one’s ~ =do what one can=do everything (that) one can=spare no efforts=go all out尽力

all the best(wishes)祝好

20.better be ~ off富裕be worse off贫困had ~ =might as well最好

He’d ~ come earlier, hadn’t he?Better late then never.

21.beyond prep.在......以外The beauty of the West Lake is ~ description. Sorry. This is ~ my power.

22.bill n.帐单foot the ~ 埋单

23.biology n.生物学biological adj.生物学的biologist n. 生物学家

24.birth n. birthday birthplace at birth天生give ~ to 生育

25.bite/bit/bit:bitten v.咬Never bite off more than you can chew.要量力而行。

26.blame vt.责备be to ~ (for doing sth.)因......而应受责备~ sb. for doing sth. 因......而责备

Don’t ~ the child for the broken glass. It was my fault.

I wonder who is to ~ for the broken glass.=I wonder who to ~ for the broken glass.

27.blood n.血bloody adj.血腥的bleed v.流血 a bleeding nose a bloody war

28.blow/blew/blown v.吹~ up爆炸~ sth. up把......炸毁~ ...away把吹走

29.boil v. boiling water在沸腾的水boiled water沸水boiling hot超热

30.bone n. bony adj.瘦骨嶙峋的=skinny

31.brain n.大脑brains智力If only I had your ~s!

32.bottom n.底部from the ~ of one’s heart 发自内心;衷心地from top to ~从顶到底B~ up!干杯!

33.brave adj. bravely adv. bravery n.

34.break/broke/broken v. ~ down出故障;破除~ up破坏;解散;开垦~ into sp.闯入;侵占

~ the law/rule违反~ one’s promise食言~ away (of)脱离

~ forth/out爆发~ off折断;突然中断~ open撬开~ with与......断交

c.n.休息take/have a ~

35.breath n. breathe v. bath---bathe breathless adj.上气不接下气的

hold one’s ~ 屏住呼吸lose one’s ~上气不接下气(动作) be out of ~上气不接下气(状态)

catch a ~喘口气breathe one’s last死

36.bring/brought/brought vt. ~ sb. up抚养~ sth. up呕吐;提出bring sth. forward提出

37.Britain n. British adj. the Great Britain大不列颠

38.broad adj.宽阔的abroad adv.在国外aboard adv.在船(飞机、火车等)上broaden vt.拓宽

39.broadcast/broadcast/broadcast vt.广播~ sth. live现场直播Cf. cast/cast/cast forecast/forecast/forecast

40. build/built/built vt.建造;建设building n. ~ ...up建造~ A into B把A建成B

41.burn/burnt/burnt v. ~ sth. up烧光~ sth. to the ground=~ sth down夷为平地It’s ~ing


42.burst vt.爆发;爆炸~ sth. up =blow sth. up炸掉~ into tears/laughter/cheers

~ out crying/laughing/cheering ~ into...闯入~ forth= ~ out= break forth= break out爆发

43.bury vt.埋葬burial n.葬礼~ sb. alive活埋

44.busy adj. business n. Business is business.公事公办Business before pleasure.先干正事后娱乐

be ~ (in) doing sth.= be busy with sth. go to sp. on business到......出差get (down) to business 开始干正事

45.but conj. But me no ~s.不要辩解。but for要不是因为the last line but two倒数第二行

46.butcher n.屠夫go to the ~’s去肉店

47.butter n.黄油Bread and ~ is always my breakfast.

48.buy/bought/bought vt. I won’t ~ your story.我才不信呢。

49.by prep.乘坐~ bus/train/plane/ship/air/sea/water/land on/in a train in a plane


1.call v./n. ~ for请求;要求;需要;呼吁~ at sp.参观~ on sb.访问~...off取消

~ out大声叫喊~ forth...唤起;鼓起(勇气等)call (on) sb. to do sth.号召

2.camp v.宿营n.帐篷go camping去宿营

3.capital n.资本;首都capitalism n.资本主义capitalist n.资本主义者adj. 资本主义的

4.care v. ~ for...喜爱;关心;照管~ about...关心;顾虑

care n. take ~ of...照料;照看take ~当心;保重under the ~ of在......的照料下with ~ =carefully小心地;慎重地

5.carpet n.地毯

6.carrot n.胡萝卜

7.caryy vt. ~ sth. in one’s arms抱着~ s th. on one’s back背着

~ sth. in one’s hands捧着~ sth. in one’s hand拿着

~ sth. out实施;执行~ ...away带走;冲昏...的头脑

~ sth. on继续下去~ through坚持到底

8.cart n. 马车Never put the cart before the horse.不要本末倒置

9.case n.情况;案例;病历;箱子in ~ 万一(可单独使用也可接句子)in ~ of万一(接名词、代词、动名词等)

Take an umbrella in ~. Take an umbrella in ~ of rain. Take an umbrella in ~ it rain/in ~ it should(万一) rain.

As is often the ~, Tom came late again.

10.castle n.城堡 a ~ in the air空中楼阁

11.catch/caught/caught vt.抓住~ sb. = ~ up with sb.追上catch sight of突然看到~ hold of 突然抓住

~ (a ) cold得感冒~ sb.’s attention/ eye吸引的注意力~ sb. doing sth.

be caught in a rain遭遇风雨等be caught in/between the trees卡在树中

12.ceiling n.天花板

13.celebrate v. 庆祝celebration n. ~ one’s birthday/Christmas/Easter/New Year’s Day