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Unit Six

Text A Why we are superstitious

I. Reading comprehension

1-4 DDD A 5-8 DCAC

II. Learning about words

A. 1 Paranormal 2 intervention 3 precognition 4 Inexplicable(勘误:

题目第4题应为:not reasonable or probable 否则无答案)5 brigade

6 encompass

7 inference

8 untutored

9 remorse 10 consensus

B.1-4 CACA 6-8 ABBA

III. Translation (only for reference)




3 但他们不愿相信一整套信条都是以超自然为前提的。

4 值得注意的是,在过去的20年里,我们的理解(范围)有所拓展,婴儿对这个世界有



IV. Paraphrasing (only for reference)

1 It is interesting that although paranormal believers don’t regard themselves as believing in

the supernatural, they think supernatural is just a natural phenomena that science has not recognized. I think this is an important distinction.

2 There are extra dimensions and forces and energies that are affecting the world, which is

supersense---human inclination

3 This supersense includes both religious supernatural beliefs and secular supernatural beliefs?

And the latter actually sounds like superstition.

4 Talk about the experiment you did a few years ago, and it proved that these beliefs are so

ingrained and knee jerk in people’s mind

5 It has to transcend the universe, it has to be something that goes beyond the world, it has to

almost become profound.

Text B Religions and beliefs

I. Reading comprehension

1-4 ACBA 5-8 DBBB

II. Learning about words

A. 1. apostles 2. confession 3. imminent 4. stern 5. sacrilege

6. Repentance

7. summon 8 validity 9 sects 10. reconcile

B. 1-4 BAAB 5-8 ABCC

III. Translation (only for reference)


2 英国国教,或英国圣公会是新教众多派别之一,这些派别都是几世纪前从更早的更正统

的罗马天主教脱离出去的,当时正值被称为改革的宗教大动乱时期。(勘误:翻译练习中此句英语有误,以课本194页Paragraph 4 第一句话为准)


4 统一庞大的基督教的尝试已经部分成功,但罗马天主教不承认其他宗教的合法性,因此


5 现代科学的成功是原因之一,最好的例子就是达尔文著名的进化论,它向最有思想的人


IV. Paraphrasing (only for reference)

1 The Anglican Church relies more on the Bible, but the Bible is not always easy to interpret, so

how to explain it depends on individual.

2 The spiritualists(招魂灵派)is close to Christianity, and they claim that they can be able to

summon the spirits of the dead to advice the sad people and comfort the people who lost the dear.

3 It seems that science is taking the mystery and the holiness bestowed by religion out of the

universe. And also, the general improvement in social conditions and the variety of modern entertainment have made religion appear not so important any more.

4 At one end of the scale some intellectuals and the greatest leaders of the modern Church try to

manage unite reason with religion.

5 Among non-Christian the Jews is the only one which is widespread spread in Britain, and for

Jews religion is mainly a matter of race

Text C The Santa within me

I. Reading comprehension


II. Cloze


2. vacation

3. New Year’s

4. sunbathe

5. celebrate

6. Christmas

7. replace

8. lengthen

9. Journey 10. spirit 11. decorated 12. Santa Claus 13. appear 14. sights 15.colored

III. Jumbled sentences

1 3

2 7 4 5 6

Unit Two

Text C Feminine and Masculine Communication Cultures

I . Comprehension

1. T

2. F

3. T

4. T

5. F

6. F

7. F

8. F

9. T 10. T

II. Close


2. single

3. desirable

4. woman


6. insulted

7. male

8. men

9.fact 10. pillar

11. means 12. shoulder 13.prepared 14. Therefore 15. reflect III.1 3 2 4 6 5 7 9 8